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'Thank God for Ally. From her days at Simon & Schuster to her now independent work as an editor, she's been an asset to me in everything from proofreading, editing, notes on story and character, to even helping with the action lines and stage directions. From screenplays to stage plays her work has been both timely and efficient. I highly recommend her as long as she doesn't get so busy that she doesn't have time to help me out again!'

—David E. Talbert, bestselling author of Baggage Claim, multiaward-winning playwright, and screenwriter of the movie


Tim Lucas

Without having Ally to encourage my progress through The Book of Renfield, I don't know that I ever would have found the courage to confront the shadows that needed confronting to see it through. When it was all piled roughly into shape, her editorial guidance was crucial to shaping what was there. This was an important chapter in my life and personal growth and I thank you, Ally, from my heart, for being there.

—Tim Lucas, author of The Book of Renfield

Nector From A Stone
Sometimes it's so difficult to untangle a scene or put your finger on exactly why something is working or not working—much less explain it to the author. But Ally's comments and suggestions were all right-on-target. Her kind understanding of my work has been of inestimable value to me. Her interest has simply been to make my work the best it can be. I am certain that her insights have improved my novel and I can't imagine what I would have done without her guidance.

—Jane Guill, author of Nectar From a Stone
I needed a freelance editor to edit five books in five weeks for a new branded series, an exceptionally challenging task. Ally Peltier, who was recommended to me by a trusted colleague, took on the project, and we are thrilled with the results. Ally not only improved each books' readability, she created a format for the entire book series that is based on a solid understanding of the series' market. Her ability to understand and translate our vision to the page was incredible: she organized each book to best present its information to the reader and also line edited the content to convey the desired tone. She identified areas for improvement and explained her modifications to the authors clearly, but gently. She submitted her edits with detailed letters addressing overall concerns and suggested excellent solutions. I've already contracted with her to do another five titles, and I look forward to a continued relationship.

—Shannon Berning, Editor, Kaplan Publishing
Ruminations on College Life

There is one reason why this book came out as wonderfully as it did, and that reason is Ally (Peltier) Machate. She is a complete professional and truly gifted at what she does. From the nitty-gritty of editing my introduction to sitting down to explain to me just how the publishing process actually works, Ally was superb.

—Aaron Karo, author of Ruminations on College Life


Where to Park Your Broomstick

I had never written a proposal before and knew nothing about the process. Ally's deep knowledge of the publishing industry was indispensable; she walked me through the entire process from beginning to end. The book that resulted was my first published work. Again, Ally was right there with me the whole time, shaping and developing each section and always keeping the big picture in mind. I've worked with other editors in a variety of situations, and the fact is I'd choose to work with Ally every single time.

—Lauren Manoy, author of Where to Park Your Broomstick
“I just listened to the webinar from today and I wanted to thank you for an excellent presentation. You covered so much information, which is great!”--Jeanne Hansen, editor, www.hansenedits.com
"That was a spectacular webinar. I don't know how you could talk so succinctly for so long! The content was excellent, and I'd love to have you back again at any time to talk about this or another topic."--Jennifer Maybin, EFA Education Chair and editor, www.MaybinHealthComm.com


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